Garden Ponds For Your Home

The addition of a pond along with pond lighting, waterfalls, fountains and other pond accessories are a great way to make ordinary outdoor living spaces look truly unique and relaxing.

Garden Ponds For Your Home When selecting a pond for your garden you must take into consideration the location, the size of the pond and how it will compliment your home and garden. If you are going to have fish for your pond then you have to make sure that pond is large and deep enough for the fish to survive.Unless you plan on moving the fish indoors your pond will have to be deep enough to avoid freezing all the way to the bottom in winter.

Types of Outdoor Ponds

There are basically two types of ponds above ground and in-ground. The easiest method of installing a garden pond would be using pre-formed ponds. A smart choice in a pre-formed pond would be the fiberglass models available in many shapes, sizes, textures and colors. When installing a pre-formed pond make sure that the pond is installed perfectly level. If you are handy and have a knowledge of working with concrete you may want to excavate and create your own custom pond or hire a contractor with pond expertise. You will need a circulating pump for your pond to keep the water fresh and keep it from stagnating. If you are going to include a waterfall make sure that the pump you choose will have enough power to cover the lift and height of the waterfall. There are many different makes and models of pumps for back yard ponds and choosing the correct one can be a bit perplexing. Any retailer of pond equipment and supplies will be able to help you with your individual needs.

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