Riding Mowers and Lawn Tractors

Riding Mower Riding lawn mowers are powerful time saving machines used by professionals as well as amateur home owners and gardeners. For many homeowners they are just a dream for many gardeners who can not afford one of these work horses. If you maintain a large yard or a sizeable piece of land, it would be a good idea to invest in a riding mower.

Riding lawn tractors come in all types of models sizes and horsepower ratings. As a rule of thumb the larger the mowing area you have to cut, the lager the riding mower.

The smaller lawn tractors are ideal for homeowners with small cutting areas or obstacles that the riding mower will have to pass between or around. The engines are usually in the eight to ten horsepower range. If you have many obstacles such as trees or groups of shrubs you may want to consider a zero turning radius riding mower. These turn on a dime and are ideal for mowing difficult areas.

Medium sized riding mowers provide better performance on hilly terraine and are usually rated for mowing areas of one to three acres.

Commercial riding lawn mowers are designed for really large lawns including fields, they can be very expensive for the average homeowner.

There are many attachments on the market to choose from. You will probably just need a riding lawnmower with normal features like for bagging or mulching the cut grass. In addition, you can usually attach other features, like small towable utility trailers and snow plows for snow removal. Which ever model you choose make sure that it features a comfortable seat for the many hours you will have behind the wheel.

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