Lawn Care Tips For Homeowners

Most homeowners with lawns want to know how to get that perfect country club look. Understanding lawn care basics which are basically watering and fertilizing just won't cut it. You need to make a study to evaluate your ground conditions, and then select the proper soil. Soil is the lifeline of your lawn, without it you have a slim chance of having a healthy looking lawn. Soil conditioners are products that promote better watering and fertilizing. When applied on a regular basis they will improve the quality of the soil. Ground amendments are used primarily for clay and sandy soil. Using ground amendments on clay soil to break up the clay enables the roots to expand properly in clay grounds. Another solution may be to mix some wood chips, bark or peat into the clay soil. Sandy soils can not retain nutrients and water very well. They will require amendments to help the soil retain water.

Once a lawn has been planted and mowed a few times, you are ready to start applying herbicides to keep weed growth to a bare minimum. The next step is the application of lawn fertilizer. Lawn care fertilizers come in many different types. Working with fertilizers may be hazardous due to their chemical components. Therefore, they must be handled carefully. You can seriously damage your lawn if not applied properly, so read the instructions before application. No matter what kind of grass you have in your lawn, the lawn care season lasts the whole year. Start fertilizing your lawn at the beginning of every growing season and repeat at the same date for the next year coming up.

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