Hillside Landscaping Tips

You love your home, but you do not love the fact that your home is located on a hillside making it difficult to come up with attractive landscaping theme. Hillside landscaping does not have to be as hard as some people make it out to be. One thing that you should consider when it comes to hillside landscaping is whether you want to have grass on your hillside, or a mulch area. Many people choose mulch areas over grass to avoid the difficulty in mowing on steeper slopes.

Using a combination of mulch, rocks and small bushes that grow low to the ground is an excellent way to dress up a hillside. You may even want to install a small water fall and outdoor garden lighting. There are a thousand ways to add beauty to even the steepest slopes limited only by your imagination.

Stone Waterfall Fountain with LED Lights

This garden water fountain with its contemporary design and rustic looking charm will be the center of attention wherever you place it.

Fountain is constructed from weatherproof polyresin and features a three tier drop. Includes pump, powered by 120 V and includes a 118" power cord. Size: 19.4 x 25.5 x 15 inches Shipping Weight: 34 pounds

Available online from: Amazon

Malibu Halogen Floodlight Kit

You can create dramatic hillside landscaping effects with this four piece outdoor floodlight kit. No hard wiring are required, lights are low voltage and easy to install without special knowledge.

These outdoor lights feature corrosion resistan die cast metal construction with a black matte finish and clear glass lenses. Lighting kit Includes four 20 watt flood lights, a 120 watt transformer and 50 feet of cable.

Available online from: Amazon

Waterfall Kit With Pump

Customize your hillside with this Beckett Waterfall Kit adds a dash of magic to your new or existing garden pond with a 16-inch wide waterfall. It's easy to install and comes complete with everything you need including a weir, pump, corrugated tubing, faux resin water overflow stone ledge, pvc liner and filtering accessories.

Available online from: Amazon

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