Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture

Adirondack Outdoor Furniture A style of it's own, Adirondack garden furniture offers exceptionally comfortable, affordable style of rustic furniture that can be used on the patio, poolside, in the garden and even indoors in game rooms. What makes this style of furniture so unique is the overall design. For instance, the Adirondack chair has a deep seat, curved back that wraps around the body, and wide armrests where you can park a favorite drink or book.

Caring For Your Adirondack Furniture

Although you might spend a little more money for this type outdoor furniture, keep in mind it will last for many years when properly maintained, so it is well worth the investment. However, to make it last and last, you need to know the proper methods of caring for your Adirondack style furniture.

To begin with, always buy quality Adirondack furniture from a reputable supplier. By doing this, you will have the confidence that the materials used in the construction of your furniture is of top quality. Western red cedar is the preferred wood of choice since it is an excellent reputation for holding up well in outdoor surroundings. This type of wood is weather resistant, dimensionally stable as far as warping and shrinkage, and when painted, wears extremely well. Therefore, the first step when it comes to caring for your Adirondack furniture is to buy top quality.

Caring for your Adirondack furniture involves many different factors such as outdoor temperature, humidity, precipitation and amount of use. In addition, you need to determine what look you want, which will help you decide how to care for your Adirondack furniture. Many people like the natural weathered look that comes from allowing the wood to change naturally by being exposed to the elements. However, some people prefer a clean fresh new look, which they obtain by painting or staining the wood. Therefore, the type of care for your Adirondack furniture will require depends largely on your personal preference and tastes.

If you keep your Adirondack furniture exposed in the outdoors, you will need to take steps to care for the furniture for the winter months. You would want to wash the furniture, allow it to dry, and then cover it. Placing the furniture in a basement or garage where it will be out of the elements will protect it and add years of use to your furniture. Furniture that has become a bit moldy can be washed with good old soap and water with a small amount of bleach added. After a thorough cleaning the furniture can be re-painted or in the case of a natural wood look, sealed with clear finish.

Classic Adirondack Chair

Classic Adirondack Chair This PolyWood Adirondack chair is eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic making it weather resistant, fade resistant, durable, and a easy to maintain and available in twelve color finishes. This classic design is perfect sitting back and relaxing on your patio, back yard or at the beach. These classic Adirondack chairs are made from plastic lumber, known as Poly~Wood, has proved to be unaffected by the sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, saltwater, chlorine and mildew. The unique nature of Poly-Wood furniture allows it to be left outside year round as it has proven to be impervious to the effects of the weather.

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